Welcome to Clive’s Diecasts. Here you will find lots of nice stuff to spend your hard earned money on. Mainly 1/72nd scale (aka 20mm) tanks and vehicles, but also helicopters, planes, cars and trucks. Many well known brands including Amercom, Fabbri, Altas, DeAgostini, Matchbox, Hotwheels, Corgi et al but also other lesser known brands (and some unbranded!) will be featured. Along with lots of other stuff including scenery, 2nd hand armies, figures and books.

How to use this website:

  1. Go to the relevant section (tanks, planes, helicopters etc) to find your item.
  2. Use the search facility to find an item.
  3. Send me a list of your requirements.

Clive’s Diecasts also offers a Find My Model service. If there is a particular model that you want and you can’t find it on the website, email me the details (scale, model, brand, condition, max price etc) and I will endeavour to track one down for you. This service is free to use, however, you will have to pay for the model and any postage costs. I will send an invoice before buying it on your behalf.